About Zengo Juice

Zengo focuses upon providing unique beverage systems for food service operators throughout Europe, delivering operational convenience and customer satisfaction. Zengo has been active since 2010. We formerly operated as Vitality and therefore have a strong history and knowledge about Food Service.

Zengo’s portfolio covers a wide range of distinguishing concepts, drink systems and flavours. Each concept has its own unique characteristics to be successful in one or more segments of the diverse food service market.

We understand the business, have a Pan European distribution network, will fit every occasion, develop innovative concepts and deliver top quality and well-priced products with a great service.


Smart Pack

The convenience of concentrate, the taste of freshly squeezed.

100% natural juices. No preservatives – not pasteurized.

1 Smartpack of concentrate makes 4 L of Zengo Fruit Juice

Storage: Frozen

12 Varieties


Fruit Smoothies

Energizing fruit smoothies with a bite.

No preservatives – not pasteurized.

1 Smartpack of concentrate makes 2 L of Zengo Fruit Smoothie.

Suberb quality – Low-mid volume

Storage: Frozen

4 Varieties