Why Your Business Needs Azure Backup

Managing data has become one of the most important and complex IT challenges for businesses. Organisations are creating and saving data in unprecedented quantities. This data is your company’s most prized asset and it must be stored, backed-up, secured and made available when required.

For many businesses, the best solution to this complex challenge is a simple one: manage backups in the cloud. Azure Cloud Backup provides you with the type of storage that suits your data, the correct amount of storage you need with little administrative maintenance. No matter what your business environment, Azure Backup will protect all your business-critical assets in one unified solution.

What are the business benefits of Azure Cloud Backup?

It’s Cost Effective

Azure Backup uses a ‘pay as you go’ method meaning you only pay for what you use. And as a cloud solution, it removes any costs associated with hardware and upgrades and reduces the administrative tasks of staff involved in maintaining the solution.

It’s Scalable

Azure Backup benefits from the core power and unconstrained scale of the Azure Cloud. As a result, it’s highly scalable, meaning you can instantly add or remove space depending on your current requirements.

Incremental Backups

Incremental backups mean Azure Backup only takes the latest changes since the last backup. This means you have fewer files to backup, you can backup more regularly, and it takes less time and requires much less storage and bandwidth to perform your backup.

Advanced Security

Azure uses the latest security features. Microsoft is continually updating and innovating in the security field, so you know that Azure will always be using the latest security technologies.

99.9% SLA

With Azure Backup, as with any Microsoft cloud service, you can enjoy their 99.9% service level agreement. With such secure, reliable and efficient service, you’ll have peace of mind thanks to Azure Backup.


How can P2V Systems help?

There are numerous benefits associated with Azure Backup and the above mentioned are just a few.

To ensure your business’s success in moving to Azure Backup, it is critical that you choose an IT provider capable of delivering all the features, functions and services you require.

As a Microsoft Gold Partner and Global Award Winner, P2V Systems are experts in helping our clients move to Azure. We can help you safeguard your business by managing your security, business continuity and compliance with Azure Backup.

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