Microsoft Launches Microsoft 365

MicrosoftAt Microsoft Inspire 2017 CEO Satya Nadella launched Microsoft 365, a new service that bundles together the might of Office 365 and Windows 10 Pro along with Enterprise Mobility & Security. Click here to read about our trip to Microsoft Inspire 2017.

By combining three previously standalone services, Microsoft 365 represents a fundamental shift in how Microsoft is designing and building solutions to address the needs of their customers. An organisational shift, a change in attitude and attacks such as Petya and WannaCry, have all contributed to Microsoft’s latest approach to bringing products together into solutions.

Microsoft Partners have been combining products together into solutions for years; so, it’s good to see Microsoft catching up and offering such bundles.

Microsoft as a Service

To succeed in today’s mobile-centric world businesses need to develop creative, collaborative, and secure working environments – and Microsoft 365 is designed to do just that. By offering this unified and simplified technology package, Microsoft 365 offers a more consolidated approach to managing and supporting systems and devices.

At its most basic level, Microsoft 365 serves to unify everything Microsoft is offering to businesses. It is, in other words, “Microsoft as a Service,” designed to be a one-stop-shop to get even the smallest companies up and running on Windows and Office.

Microsoft 365 Business

Available in two packages, Microsoft 365 provides a complete set of productivity and security capabilities for businesses of all sizes; Microsoft 365 Enterprise for large business users, and Microsoft 365 Business for small to medium-sized businesses.

Aimed at smaller business users (up to 300 users), Microsoft 365 Business is designed to help meet the many challenges faced in today’s changing business landscape. It is pitched at empowering your team, safeguarding your business and simplifying IT management. Essentially, if gives you a set of tools that enable employees to collaborate easier from anywhere on any device whilst protecting data across multiple devices from a single console.

Microsoft 365 Business will come with the business premium version of Office 365, upgrade rights for Windows 10 Pro, enhanced security and management tools, and a centralized console for IT management.

Microsoft 365 Enterprise

Designed for enterprise organisations, Microsoft 365 Enterprise will be available in two different plans: Microsoft 365 E3 and Microsoft 365 E5. Both will offer cloud-based IT, productivity and security tools that are also backed by advanced capabilities such as machine learning and artificial intelligence. In addition, E5 will offer “the latest and most advanced innovations in security, compliance, analytics, and collaboration,” according to Matt Barlow, corporate vice president for the Windows & Devices Group.

E5 will include enhanced features for Voice, Video and Meeting functions, Threat Protection, Identity & Access Management, Information Protection, Compliance and Analytics.

Designed with Business in Mind

At its heart, Microsoft 365 is designed with businesses in mind and is pitched at empowering your team, safeguarding your business and simplifying IT management. As a subscription-based service, customers will pay a monthly cost per user. The advantage of a subscription plan like this is that it gives customers a single, predictable monthly cost for the software they need to run their businesses.

We believe Microsoft 365 will be a further catalyst to drive creativity, security and simplicity for customers to help both large enterprises and SMBs develop and maintain a secure, cohesive working environment.

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