Why You Need a Backup Solution for Office 365

Your employees and their productivity are one of your most valuable resources. That’s why you invested in Office 365. But what happens when the content your employees create is lost?

Office 365 prides itself on offering a dynamic, collaborative workplace for its customers. Industry-leading security and attention to privacy and compliance make Office 365 one of the leading cloud productivity suites on the market. Yet, even Office 365 has limitations that will make you want to consider a third-party backup.

Deleted items in Office 365 are permanently removed after 14 days. Expanded Office 365 licenses and features offer unlimited retention but don’t provide a fast, easy way to restore content exactly as it was and where it was so your employees can get back on track quickly.

Get Back on Track with SkyKick Cloud Backup

SkyKick Cloud Backup is an online backup service for Office 365 that can restore a lost file in minutes, giving you peace of mind that no matter what happens your productivity is protected. SkyKick Cloud Backup technology works together with native Office 365 features to protect your Office 365 Exchange Online, SharePoint and OneDrive for Business data.

What Makes SkyKick Cloud Backup Different from Other Backup Solutions?

Key differentiators of SkyKick Cloud Backup, compared to other solutions out there are:

With SkyKick, the backup and restoring of data is so simple. SkyKick works closely with Microsoft which means they continue to evolve their online services providing a reliable and advanced backup service, protecting those that have chosen this backup solution. However, SkyKick Cloud Backup is only available through a Microsoft Partner (like us). We’ve been working with SkyKick for several years now and we’re so happy with the SkyKick solution that we incorporated it into our Microsoft Global Award-Winning Cloud Packaged Solution.

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