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The next generation of internet access to support the ‘Always on World’

P2V Systems partnered with Netcelero to bring our customers a cloud-based solution that enables businesses everywhere to enjoy faster and permanently reliable broadband. This solution also provides full visibility of every connection via an analytics dashboard.


What is Netcelero?

Netcelero is a bonded broadband solution that delivers a carrier grade service to support real-time services at affordable pricing in a fully monitored environment.

In today’s world, businesses use the internet continuously from real-time services like Citrix, Office 365, and VoIP to critical systems such as CCTV or card payment services. Existing redundancy solutions are based on the needs of the business user from the early 21st century, and don’t take into account the modern business environment. Interruption to key services even for a short period risks business revenue and reputation.

Netcelero combines multiple broadband connections into one seamless channel delivering next generation resilience, static IP addressing (even over 3/4G) and is capable of a sustained throughput of 100 Mbps across your connections. The service is easy to integrate into existing networks, works with almost any protocol, ISP or mobile operator and can be deployed worldwide.

This unique solution is composed of two parts:

Customer Premise Equipment (CPE)

On connection of any one or combination of broadband links (DSL, Fibre, Wireless, 3/4G), the CPE creates a tunnel across each one and connects your business to the Netcelero cloud-based network.

Centralised Cloud Network

This combines the connections into a single channel with a static IP. The Netcelero cloud network monitors the connections and reacts instantaneously and intelligently to changes in the connections to your business. By centrally manging your traffic, Netcelero is able to deliver next generation resilience and maximise speeds across all ISP’s unlike other offerings that only work on an individual ISP level.

Key Features

Resilience: Netcelero provides hot failover ensuring continuity of cloud & real-time services. This state of the art technology ensures that the connection continues uninterrupted in the event of an outage, disruption or degradation on any of your links.

Static IP: A single static IP is assigned to your CPE and works across any connection or combinations thereof including 3/4G. All you need is power and a signal and you have a ‘globally routable’ connection anywhere.

Speed: Netcelero is operator agnostic & bonds multiple connections together, both the download and the upload speed… up to 100 Mbps. The speed is maximised across all connections available and the performance of each line is optimised and monitored. This increase in speed is critical for Video Calls, CCTV Monitoring and cloud services.

Easily Deployed: Netcelero slots easily into any existing network without delays or inconvenience and works with almost any protocol, ISP or mobile operator. Netcelero can be delivered promptly without long provisioning delays.

Bond up to 4 Mobile Connections: When bonding 3/4G with other connections types, the 3/4G can be set to reduced usage mode; meaning traffic is only sent over this connection when all others are unavailable. On restoration of your primary connection, Netcelero reverts your 3/4G connection to reduced usage mode.

Netcelero Bonded BroadbandBenefits of Netcelero

  • Superfast up to 100 Mbps – maximises the performance of your connections
  • Intelligent resilience – ensures uninterrupted service on your network
  • Self-healing – “hot failover” ensures continuity of cloud and real-time services
  • Easily deployed – simply slots into any existing network, anywhere
  • Globally routable – provides a static IP including 3/4G
  • Access to cloud services – provides rapid access to the benefits, flexibility and economies of cloud computing

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