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Our backup solution allows you to backup servers with little on-going maintenance. No tapes to change or store, no forgetting to take tapes home or bring them in. Fully encrypted and stored off site in not one but two data centres, our solution allows you to easily make sure that your data is protected when you need it most. 

So how does online backup work?

You will install our backup client directly onto your server. Once this has been completed you can setup any number of backup jobs to run at times when it suits you. The backup software will encrypt your data (448 bit encryption) and transfer it over your internet connection to our data centre. Upon completion of this backup job, our server will then replicate the data to our secondary data centre. So not only will your data be backed up off site, it will also be encrypted and located in two off site locations. When the next backup job runs to your schedule only the changes will be backed up.

All backup data is encrypted (up to 448bit) before it leaves your server and transfer of the encrypted data is also secured through SSL.

Features of our Online Backup Service:

For a full list of supported operating systems get in contact with us and we’ll be happy to discuss your requirements.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What about management of the backups or if I need to do a restore?

That’s the beauty of our service, all our costs include management and assisted recovery should the worst happen.

2. What happens if I exceed my data storage allowance?

Don’t worry we can provide you with additional capacity should you require additional storage.

3. I’m required by law to backup my data for 7 years?

As standard all backup plans default to 30 days worth of retention. This is easily adjusted to meet your requirements and we have many customers that hold their backups for over 7 years.