Avoid Office 365 Data Loss with Cloud Backup

The benefits of Office 365 are far-reaching. It brings flexibility and increased productivity for your employees. But as with any type of data, the content your employees create using Office 365 needs protecting.

Office 365, Sharepoint and One Drive for Business

Unlimited Storage, Unlimited Retention, 6x Backups per day, Encrypted, Fast Restore

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Data loss happens, even in the cloud

Office 365 and the Cloud do not prevent data loss due to human action. 75% of data loss is due to people deleting content accidentally or intentionally.

With Skykick’s Office 365 Cloud Backup, you can instantly find and rapidly restore that lost Office 365 content, giving you peace of mind that no matter what happens your productivity is protected.

Deleted items in Office 365 are permanently removed after 14 days. Expanded Office 365 licenses and features offer unlimited retention, but don’t provide a fast, easy way to restore content exactly as it was and where it was so your employees can get back on track quickly.

Skykick’s Office 365 Cloud Backup can restore a lost file in minutes.

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  Unlimited Backup

Yup, unlimited. Backup your Exchange, SharePoint, or OneDrive for Business data up to 6x daily. All for one simple per user / mo price, with no data limits.

No data caps

SkyKick Cloud Backup has no data caps or costly overage charges, unlike other solutions available. For one simple price, we offer unlimited data storage giving you peace of mind.

Unlimited retention

There is no catch! SkyKick Cloud Backup offers unlimited retention for all files and emails. Data is retained for any legal or compliance requirements and organizational knowledge is not lost even when an employee leaves the organization.

Reliable and secure

SkyKick Cloud Backup uses industry leading 256-bit encryption at rest and 128-bit in transit. Your data never leaves the Azure environment, which ensures all the inherent security and compliance capabilities that Azure offers.

6-backups a day

SkyKick Cloud Backup takes snapshots at regular intervals throughout the day. This ensures that you can go about accessing Office 365 without any fear of disruption due to data loss.


  One-click Restore

Lightning-fast search and one-click restore. Permissions respected, and no file overwrites.

Lightning fast search

SkyKick Cloud Backup’s powerful search technology indexes and displays all documents in seconds giving you consumer-search-like performance in an enterprise environment.

Quick restore

SkyKick Cloud Backup restores your data in seconds! The intuitive interface enables quick discovery and allows you to spend minimal time restoring files.

Time machine

Do you sometimes wish you could time travel to reverse an action that deleted your data? Turn the clock back to get a snapshot and restore the data to a specific point in time. All of the file permissions and attributes will also be restored along with the data.

No overwrites

With SkyKick Cloud Backup you will never have to worry about file overwrites. SkyKick Cloud Backup ensures that the source file and versions do not already exist before it is restored. This ensures that any existing user data is not accidentally corrupted.


timeSelf-Service Office 365 Cloud Backup


With the Skykick Self-Service Cloud Backup app, you can back up your Office 365 account in minutes. The unlimited data backup protects emails, contacts and calendar items from accidental or malicious data loss.

You can choose to self-service your own account to restore lost data or we can provide this service for you.

Either way, with Skykick Cloud Backup, the powerful search and restore capabilities makes it fast and straightforward!

boltEasy Setupfinger  One Click Restoreinfinity  Unlimited Backup

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