Portable & Powerful Technology for Mobile Business Solutions

Our ‘Data Centre in a Box’ is a mobile Data Centre solution for those who need on-site, portable technology, without any compromise. It provides state of the art, enterprise grade technology for speed and reliability.

Data Centre in a Box Features

  • Self-contained virtual platform.
  • Can accommodate up to 16 servers and 50TB of storage.
  • Built-in wireless and internet connectivity.
  • Wireless access point to support high bandwidth Wi-Fi connections.
  • Internet connections can be supported through 3G/4G, fixed and leased lines and satellite communications.
  • Supports up to 800 VDI users.
  • 10 GB for networking.
  • Next generation firewall security for intrusion protection, virus and malware scanning and content filtering.
  • GPS Tracking and Geo-Fencing available to track location and movement.
  • Environmental monitoring of temperature, humidity. power quality and shocks or drops to the unit.
  • Wheel-fitted, flight ready casing for easy transportation, complete with a 10U rack.

The Data Centre is provided fully-configured for easy deployment. All the user needs to do is add power and it’s ready to go.

The technology used means that as well as providing a fast, portable and powerful solution for an on-site IT infrastructure, it is also a perfect solution for disaster recovery planning given its ‘plug-in and go’ functionality.

Mobile IT Solutions for businesses on the move

Data Centre in a Box is ideal for sectors who need a temporary solution for working on-site where the usual permanent IT infrastructure is unavailable. Sectors that would benefit from the solution include Oil & Gas, Construction, Events, Security & Policing, Military and Emergency Response Services.

It fits the needs of organisations who move site regularly and need kit that can be easily transported and deployed, enabling work to carry on in a secure and reliable environment. It’s the ideal solution for users who can’t compromise on technology, regardless of where they are working.

If you need a mobile Data Centre solution for a business or service on the move, contact us:

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Email: sales@p2vsystems.com