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We are a managed services provider to companies in N.Ireland, Ireland and Great Britain.

Our focus is on delivering a proactive service. Our regular monitoring process and responsive support enables us to address potential faults and problems before they become an issue.

We appreciate that every business is unique with specific IT support requirements for its managed service. From the simple and straight-forward, to the more detailed and tailored, we will advise and work with you to build a bespoke managed service package that suits your needs.

As your business grows and develops, our managed service can grow with you to aid your IT and operational requirements whilst improving business productivity.

What is Managed Services?

In the IT sector, managed services is outsourcing some or all of the IT functions of a business to a third-party provider. This can include things like email, security, backup and help desk services. The managed service provider will provide IT support and remotely monitor and manage the specified IT functions as agreed with the business.

Why Choose a Managed Service for your company?

Managed services brings with it many IT solutions and benefits for your company.

It can provide full IT support meaning a reduction in staffing costs and other overheads. It can also supplement your existing IT staff to cover a resource shortage, skills gap, holidays & sickness or simply to enable staff to get on with other priorities.

Crucially, a good managed service can provide technical support that will automate processes and increase efficiency ensuring essential IT tasks like backups, antivirus checks and patch management are all in place and operating correctly. It can provide substantial savings to your annual IT budget with no detrimental impact on your IT infrastructure.

Examples of Managed Services Elements  

Some examples of the services that can be offered as part of our managed service package are:

  • Regular health check of your environment for errors and problems
  • Monitoring your infrastructure for alarms and suspect communications
  • Daily check of your backups status
  • Management and regular updates of your Anti-virus software
  • Patching/security updates to your system and applications
  • Management of all your Hardware & Software maintenance contracts

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