Mimecast catches millions of email threats other security systems miss

Most organisations think their email security systems provide adequate protection, but in reality, many fail to keep organisations safe. Mimecast research shows that not all email security performs as it should.

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Safer Email for Business

Mimecast makes email safer for business. It provides comprehensive risk management for Office 365™, Microsoft® Exchange ™ and Google Apps for Work™

Mimecast Integrated Cloud Suite


91% of cyberattacks start with a phishing email. Organisations can’t afford disruption to their operation or damaged reputation due to data breaches.

Mimecast Email Security is a critical defence to protect against known and unknown threats and data loss. It protects your email from spam, viruses, malware, emerging threats and other challenges. It also safeguards employee communication and enforces security controls. It provides an always-on, always up-to-date, single cloud security solution. With Mimecast, your email is safer whether you use a cloud or on-premise email management system.

Mimecast Email Security provides:

  • Anti-spam and multiple layers of malware protection
  • Defences for impersonation
  • Data Leak Prevention


Storing data is becoming more costly and difficult to manage due to the regulatory and compliance retention polices that have to be adhered to and the volume of messages and attachments in employees’ email.

Mimecast Email Archiving is highly scalable and resilient. It combines automated tools for administrators to manage mailboxes, e-discovery and litigation support along with powerful applications for employees to access data quickly. The robust cloud-based SaaS solution meets the most demanding information management needs for both corporate governance and employee productivity goals.

With Mimecast Email Archiving you benefit from:

  • Simplified regulatory compliance
  • Accelerated end-user search and E-discovery
  • Streamlined workflows


Planning for disaster recovery and scheduling maintenance are complex tasks but businesses need to keep email running when disaster strikes or during planned downtime.

The Mimecast Cloud provides uninterrupted access to live and historic email, attachments and calendars, even when Office 365 or an on-premise mail server goes down. Employees have guaranteed access to email from anywhere and on any device whilst administrators can manage this without the need for expensive hardware and software.

With Mimecast Email Continuity:

  • Email remains on even when your server isn’t
  • Employees can keep working right from Outlook or other apps
  • Automatic mailbox synchronization is provided

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