As a Microsoft partner, our customers benefit from Microsoft’s long-standing commitment to security, privacy, compliance and transparency. This is reflected in the Microsoft products and services we provide.

Microsoft already offers the most comprehensive set of compliance capabilities of any cloud provider.

It comes as no surprise then that Microsoft regards the GDPR as an important step forward in the management of data protection and individual privacy rights in line with current technologies.

The Microsoft products and services will support organisations in meeting the GDPR compliance requirements as they work to ensure all products and services are compliant by the May 2018 deadline.

GDPR requirements can be met using Microsoft cloud and on-premise solutions. From locating and cataloguing personal data in your systems which will be governed by GDPR, building a secure environment in which your data is stored, to managing, monitoring and reporting on personal data, Microsoft provides the tools and resources needed.

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How the Microsoft Cloud can help with GDPR compliance

Microsoft’s services and solutions are well placed to support organisations with the new regulations surrounding data protection and security. Because of its focus on security, Microsoft has a unique visibility into the ever-evolving threat landscape, helping protect the data it manages, thanks to its annual investment of over $1 billion.

Microsoft believes that a well architected cloud services model supported by an effective data governance program will provide a smooth journey to GDPR compliance.

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It was designed around industry-leading security standards with privacy policies that safeguard your data in the cloud. This includes the protection of personal data that is governed by GDPR.

Critical requirements of GDPR compliance is the ability to identify what data you have and controlling access to this data. Azure can help you manage this through:

  • Azure Information Protection helps ensure you can identify your data and that it remains secure.
  • Azure Active Directory helps ensure only authorized personnel have access to your systems, data and applications.


The GDPR also stipulates that personal data must be protected, can be reported on and can be reviewed for compliance. These requirements can be met using the following Azure tools and services:

  • Azure Security Centre provides visibility and control over the security of your Azure resources.
  • Data Encryption in Azure Storage secures data at rest and in transit.
  • Azure Key Vault safeguards cryptographic keys, certificates and passwords that help protect your data.
  • Log Analytics provides options for security auditing and logging to help you identify and address gaps in security policies to prevent breaches.


For more information on how Azure and other Microsoft solutions can help with GDPR compliance, click here.